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Intimate and  Collective: public debate
curated by: Cláudia Martinho, Inês Moreira, Marcin Szczelina
2pm – 6pm, October 10, 2009 Chapiteaux, Bordeaux
Evento 2009 is a public event happening through the urban spaces of the city of Bordeaux presenting artistic, architectural and performative installations articulated by the notion of Intime Collectif, the hub concept proposed by its curator, Didier Faustino. Exploring different dimensions of intimacy and collectiveness in public space, every programmed and commissioned art piece, architectural space, ephemeral event and sound experience is addressing situations where Intime Collectif exists. But how, and where, is Intime Collectif  having expression? Is Intime Collectif
a condition of the everyday? Contributing a bit further to the disentanglement and recomposition of the relationships inscribed in the expression of Intime Collectif, a one-day event will take place on October 10, 2009. Named “Intimate and Collective: public debate” it is envisioned as a dialogic afternoon that seeks publicly to expand and unfold the core concept of evento 2009, provoking multi-perceptions of the notions implicated in Intime Collectif.

Cláudia Martinho addresses the political and social dimension of Collective Intimacy questioning collective experiences and the sharing of intimate perceptions as a means of [re]appropriation of public space.

Lara Almarcegui _artist muf architecture/art _artist Pelin Tan _ guest

interpolators : Anne Querrien, Maurizio Bortolotti, Juri Steiner


Inês Moreira questions whether Collective Intimacy can be clearly stated, proposing it as an ephemeral condition and non-predictive relational moment, occurring beyond declared “intimate collectives”.

Doreen Mende _ guest Democracia _artist MAP Office _artist Marten Spanberg / International Festival_ guest Paolo Plotegher _ guest

interpolators:  Dennis Adams, Maurizio Bortolotti


Marcin Szczelina, suggests notions of individual immersion in space and corporeal perception of collective intimacy as a way of understanding an architecture of influences, without precise borders.

Laurent Tixador_artist Johannes Gess _artist Peter Cook _guest Sam Jacob / FAT _ guest

interpolators: Henry Urbach, Felix Vogel, Joseph Grima
The research on Intime Collectif contributes to activate a vocabulary and a weblog with contributions from artists’ production process and other invited guests such as Mirosław Bałka, Deadline Architect, Krzysztof Nawratek and Kobberling und Kaltwasser.
The public debate will take place at the meeting point of evento on October 10, in a big tent in the center of Bordeaux by the river Garonne, where three screens, an informal audience, a DJ and a local radio station will be provoked to performatively expand on the notion of Intime Collectif.

more info: WWW.EVENTO2009.ORG

photo by paulo mendes

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