performative gathering : intime et collectif





10th October 2009 _bordeaux

Three guest curators – Cláudia Martinho, Inês Moreira and Marcin Szczelina – offered three very different opening readings of what Intime Collectif stands for. Cláudia Martinho addresses the political and social dimension of Collective Intimacy questionning collective experiences and the sharing of intimate perceptions as a means to (re)appropriation of public space. Inês Moreira questions whether Intime Collectif can be clearly defined, positing it as an ephemeral condition and non-predictive relational moment, occurring beyond declared “intimate collectives”. As for Marcin Szczelina, his approach suggests notions of individual immersion in space and corporeal perception of collective intimacy as a way of understanding architecture of influences, without precise borders.

They invited a significant group of artists: Dennis Adams, Lara Almarcegui, Democracia, Johannes Gees, MAP Office, muf architecture/art, Laurent Tixador; and a group of architects, sociologists, theorists, critics and curators, Maurizio Bortolotti, Peter Cook, Joseph Grima, Sam Jacob / FAT, Doreen Mende, Paolo Plotegher, Anne Querrien, Mårten Spångberg / International Festival, Juri Steiner, Pelin Tan, Felix Vogel, Henry Urbach who expanded further the discussion.


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