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What are the Ex – Architects?

The ExArchitects projects is a rare undertaking. It differs in everything from the conventional lectures or recurrent events. Its meetings aren’t focused on the achievments and realisations of given group of designers and architects. Invited guests don’t advertise their own successes, but tell about chosen subjects, about threads in the architecture, which are their own specialty. ExArchitects are not even fully lectures. The speakers are exceptional people, some of them are known better, some less – but all of them, through their constructive vision, hold a lot of influences on the modern shape of the architecture.

Now it’s time to explain some semantical questions. The „ex” preffix is universally recognised as equivalent of terms such as „former” or „beyond”. Usually is connected with mentioning former lovers and spouses. However the project involves questions from the field of architecture. In this case exarchitects are persons functioning bye the way of the main current of architecture, often don’t accepted there. Ex is linked as well with the experiments, and the project is focused on the experimental architecture. Ex can be understood also as the fact that not everyone from the invited speakers is an architect. Amongs them you can find a writer compelled by architecture, or art historian without formal architectural background.

Each lecture will be preceded by the introduction to main subject, which has  a goal to familiarise the audience with profile of a given speaker. Within ex- architects we foresee also special lectures (called special ex), which will cover current events. Coming soon: Henry Urbach, Aneta Szyłak, Dorota Monkiewicz, Felix Vogel, Ines Moreira, Juergen Mayer H. and many more!
more info: ex-architects.blogspot.com – soon!

project curator: Marcin Szczelina

RENOMA departments store, Wrocław, Poland!


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