City as playground

Nicolas MILHE_01, photo F Deval

BJARKE INGELS You shouldn’t have to apologize for the fact that you’re playful… It is like the saying: “You don’t stop playing because you grow up, but you grow up because you stop playing!” … Architecture is continuing refurbish the surface our world in a way we want to live. we try to create the physical framework for the people who live in the city. So we should more observe how the people actually use the city or how they change their way of living. This is the greatest inspiration for architects. These kind of temporary interventions open up new territory for new uses in the city that then need to be organized to accomodate this kind of future life.

DIDIER FIUZA FAUSTINO “Just to give you an example: At the Bordeaux Festival Event0 – a two week “artistic rendez-vous” with musicians, composers, filmmakers, artists and architects like Tadashi Kawamata, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Anri Sala, Julia Wolfe, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Amos Gitaï , we were looking for a conference venue. But all options turned out to be too expensive. So we ended up setting up a circus tent in the middle of a crossing to hold talks by different disciplines. And we saw a continuous flow of people crossing, entering, looking or also complaining… At the end of the week something like 50.000 people crossed the conference tent… This project is about experimentation, about how to bring architecture and the arts closer to the public.”



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