Cultures of the Curatorial

Cultures of the Curatorial _Conference

Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst
Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig

January 22 – 24, 2010

The conference „Cultures of the Curatorial“ aims at positioning the Curatorial – a practice which goes decisively beyond the making of exhibitions – within a transdisciplinary and transcultural context and exploring it as a genuine method of generating, mediating and reflecting experience and knowledge. It thus takes into account the current  economic, social and political developments within the cultural field under the conditions of globalization,  neo-liberalism and postfordism. […] The conference pursues these various current practices and formats of the curatorial and their societal perspectives. It integrates different artistic and academic disciplines and professions, – visual arts, dance, theater, film and music – which touch, intersect, complement but also compete with one another. Additionally it focuses on the similarities, differences and reciprocities of socially, economically, ethnically, regionally or nationally defined curatorial cultures and inquires about the respective conditions. The aim is to mark the field within which the actual societal relevance of the curatorial as a form of experience, cognition and knowledge emerges with its aesthetic, social and political perspectives.

Guests: Daniel Birnbaum, Gabriele Brandtstetter, Liam Gillick, Hannah Hurtzig, Maria Lind, Marion von Osten, Raqs Media Collective, Dorothee Richter, Irit Rogoff, Barbara Steiner, Nora Sternfeld, Hito Steyerl, Anton Vidokle, Tirdad Zolghadr.

Concept: Beatrice von Bismarck, Jörn Schafaff, Thomas Weski.

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