… at Mies pavillion :)

Opening on the 25th May 2011 @ Mies and on the 26th @ Fira.

We´ll be part of the project “Art for Living” by Lab´Bel, at Mies Van Der Rohe Pavillion and at Swab Art Fair.

Besides the quality and the prestige of such venues, it is a wonderful feeling getting back to this exquisite building where I spent so much time during the Erasmus Program at ETSAB, and the Metropolis Master at CCCB. In those days, a very precise program of conferences and talks happen in the summer´s evenings, and students and professionals gathered around the lake attending the talks. Hope to revive that atmosphere.

[the image is a print screen of: Jeff Wall, Morning Cleaning, Mies Van der Rohe Foundation, Barcelona, 1999]


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