exposing exhibition _conference

Exposing Exhibition is a one-day conference that, following the triennial meeting by ICOM-CC held in Lisbon, aims to be an extended place for reflecting on issues concerning tangible and intangible heritage, particularly in relation to contemporary art.

As the interface moment with the public/spectator, coincident with the display period, an exhibition corresponds to the surface of a layered architecture and chain of actions, tensions, collaborations and/or shifts of power/authority.

Different actors play their roles in the ‘construction’ of an artwork, as well as the ‘construction’ of an exhibition, constructions that can be analyzed and dismounted by disclosing and (dis)articulating methodologies, practices, and underlying intentions.

Bringing together art historians, conservators, curators and professionals working across disciplines, the conference will include communications focused on diverse strategies of presentation and preservation in contemporary art, as well as the mutual influence between those same strategies.

Exposing Exhibition intends to ‘frame the frame’, by describing, examining and questioning – ‘exposing’ – the ways by which the frames are built.


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