Devir Menor

Devir Menor project, curated by Inês Moreira and Susana Caló, comprises an exhibition and a book introducing projects and work methods from architects and collectives within the Ibero-American context. The project proposes a hybrid research, drawing from architecture, critical theory and the practice of materiality. It deals with critical spatialpractices, both theoretical, practical and performative, and is informed by several work processes. While it is true that the presupposed Ibero-American unity – and even theLatin American unity – is somewhat vague and based on colonial reminescenses and in strategic positionings in the contextof an increasingly globalised world with ever larger competitive blocks, it is also not possible to forget that the historical relations between the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America have always potentiated miscegenations, crossings, hybrids and bypaths to the dominant political and cultural formations. Jorge Garcia de la Camara – Luís Santiago Baptista – Mario Ballesteros – Supersudaca – et al.
[16-06-2012 | 26-08-2012]


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