back from 2012 !

A year has been since I last published in this website. So, whish you a Happy 2013.
It sounds crazy that after all the European turmoil in 2012, and now facing the deep portuguese depression in 2013, I will be revisiting and editing the final version of my PhD Thesis, so to have the viva exam before Summer at Goldsmiths College. In the next weeks, some remodeling will happen, and the projects curated, designed, produced, or other, will be published, and all the contents of this website will be updated.

a few projects to document:

Devir Menor, arquitecturas e praticas espaciais críticas na iberoamerica : curatorial reserach

exhibition from June-August 2012, Portugal, catalogue soon

Materiality : curatorial research 

exhibition from May-September 2012, guidebook launched

Au Lait ! Quand l’Art Déborde : scenography design 

from July-September 2012, France, book printed

Buildings&Remnants, an essay-project on post-industraial spaces : curatorial research

exhibition from September-December 2012, book soon

Alternativa Dictionary : a couple of dictionary entrances

on-line dictionary, to be grown


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