map of young spatial pactices (from portugal), 2010

Mapa Jovens Praticas Espaciais Revista A21 (ed. ines moreira)

With enthusiasm and a certain naïvité, 3 years ago we were actively working on an issue of A21 architecture magazine (now extinct) specially edited around the topic of spatial practice and around the exteriorities of architecture. Map of Young Spatial Practices (Mapa de Jovens Práticas Espaciais) was launched in May 2010 and sold for a month, during which some discussion happen, briefly shaking the firm grounds of what is (dominant) architectural practice.

Back then, and it was just 3 years ago, Portuguese architects were optimistically exploring other disciplines, organizing events, publishing and proposing new programs, and ideas. Though dispersed and ultimately driven by individual drive, these practicioners were bringing extra-disciplinary approaches to architecture. We explored how people from the 30´s to their 40´s were reinventing new fields of practice. And today, could the same be said in 2013? How did the financial crisis, the heavy immigration and the cuts in higher education interfere in spatial research?


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