Conferência Found Footage, Gdansk, Polonia


Fui convidada a apresentar uma conferência na Universidade de Gdansk e a publicar um capítulo de livro sobre o tema: “Curating remnants – the “Post-Materials Archive”: from fieldwork, to objects/materials, back to the factory

Dia 15 de Abril de 2015

Revista Arqa 112


Ruínas Habitadas é o novo número da revista Arqa. Parece ser um belíssimo número ende tenho a sorte de ter incluído o meu artigo: Após a Fábrica, novas abordagens aos fragmentos e ruínas pós-industriais.

E também vi que a cenografia que desenvolvi para o Projecto Terminal em 2005 ilustra o artigo da Sandra Vieira Jurgens: Usos e recursos da arte contemporânea, Instalações fabris, economia e estética do abandono na era pós-industrial.

milplanaltos _conference

Uma explosão combinatória de excepções

A pesquisa curatorial contemporânea explora diversos processo e formatos, que vão do evento, à exposição, à instalação/dispositivo, a formatos mais imateriais, como textual, relacional, ou outros modos de transferência visível/experiencial/audível. Este projecto assume que a curadoria (enquanto pesquisa e prática) disturba, lê e reescreve ensamblagens existentes, produzindo novos objectos alterados. Propomos uma noção processual e transformativa de conhecimento curatorial, diferindo de exercícios expositivos com objectos originais estabilizados, colecções, arquivos, ou outras práticas expositivas baseadas na cultura material.

petit CABANON [Alternativa, Gdansk]

Petit CABANON (private version for Wyspa) exhibited at Labour and Leisure Exhibition, in the context of Alternativa Visual Art Festival 2012, curated by Aneta Szylak at Hall 90B, Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdansk, Poland. The physical installation consists of the reconstruction of the two sheds that Le Corbusier had in his garden: CABANON + the Work Shed. The two buildings were made of cardboard bricks, in a playful construction. The sounds cape inside both volumes would reproduce the atmospheres and summer conversations by Le Corbusier, Eileen Gray and their friends, as an evocation.

… at Mies pavillion :)

Opening on the 25th May 2011 @ Mies and on the 26th @ Fira.

We´ll be part of the project “Art for Living” by Lab´Bel, at Mies Van Der Rohe Pavillion and at Swab Art Fair.

Besides the quality and the prestige of such venues, it is a wonderful feeling getting back to this exquisite building where I spent so much time during the Erasmus Program at ETSAB, and the Metropolis Master at CCCB. In those days, a very precise program of conferences and talks happen in the summer´s evenings, and students and professionals gathered around the lake attending the talks. Hope to revive that atmosphere.

[the image is a print screen of: Jeff Wall, Morning Cleaning, Mies Van der Rohe Foundation, Barcelona, 1999]

news from ALTERNATIVA, Gdansk

the date of the inception of Alternativa International Contemporary Visual Art Festival has been set. The Apeniny of the Alternativa, the festival whose heart beats on the premises of the former Gdańsk Shipyard, will take place on Saturday, May 28th. We extremely encourage you to reserve the whole weekend for the art right now!

Detailed program of the Festival will be published at the end of April.
Welcome, Wyspa Progress Foundation/ Wyspa Institute of Art

on curating _symposia PQ2011

Scenography Expanding 3: On Curating

September 27 – 29, 2010


Festival Escrita na Paisagem and Centro de História da Arte e Investigação Artística (CHAIA), Évora, Portugal

In his 2008 Whitechapel Gallery talk, Boris Groys pointed toward „exhibition practice as the cure that heals the originally ailing image, that gives it presence, visibility; it brings it to the public view and turns it into the object of the public`s judgement. However, one can say that curating functions as a supplement, like a pharmakon in the Derridean sense: it both cures the image and further contributes to its illness“ .

The ambivalent gestures of curatorial practice in both „healing“ and, possibly, „infecting“ or „contaminating“ come into particular, – and contested – focus when the object that is exhibited is nothing more but the remnant of a past performative event. Can the scenographic object be „helped“ by the curators effort in order to achieve a status of autonomy beyond ist original co-authored mode of production? Or must it be transformed into another genre (installation) to be exhibited? Can we identify an intrinsic essence of the scenographic object in relation / in contrast to exhibition space and public viewing?

In the third and last symposium before the June 2011 Prague Quadrennial for Perfomance Design and Space (PQ), curators and artists from the performing arts, visual arts and spatial design disciplines are invited to enter into a transdisciplinary dialogue on the challenges of exhibiting the ephemeral, the fleeting, the immaterial – the performative event and the scenographic space.

Speakers include: Maria Federica Maestri (Director of Natura dei Teatri, Italy), Radivoje Dinulović (Scenographer and Theoretician, Serbia), Christian Teckert (Architect and Academic, Germany/ Austria), Katharina Schlieben (Curator, Germany) Joanna Warsza (Curator, Poland), Randy Martin (Theory, USA), Dorita Hannah (Architect and Scenographer, Curator for PQ Architecture Section, New Zealand).

The official language of the symposium is ENGLISH.

rewind _catalogue

Rewind 01_ catalogue, paris, 2010

artists: Dan Colen,  Robert F. Hammerstiel, Bertrand Lavier, Jan Vercruysse, John Wood et Paul Harrison, Cléa Coudsi et Eric Herbin, Gabriel Desplanque, Xavier Gautier, Fabien Mérelle, Moira Ricci.

space: Inês Moreira + Diogo Matos

texts by: Heman Chong, Rui Costa, Laurent Fiévet, Bruno Gilbert, Silvia Guerra, Audrey Illouz, Florence Pazzotu.

making-of: REWIND

fotos Diogo Matos . Sandra Pereira


These are a few images of the “making-of” the spatial installation of Rewind.

The exhibition is about to open on the 4th of July (Friday) 2010, Lons-le-Saunier, France.


Rewind _contemporary art exhibition

Curators: Laurent Fiévet and Silvia Guerra

Spatial Concept: Inês Moreira + Diogo Matos []

Artists: Dan Colen (USA, 1979), Robert F. Hammerstiel, (Austria, 1957), Bertrand Lavier (France, 1949), Jan Vercruysse (Belgium, 1948), John Wood et Paul Harrison (UK 1969 and 1966), Cléa Coudsi et Eric Herbin (France, 1979 et 1980), Gabriel Desplanque (France, 1981), Xavier Gautier (France, 1974), Fabien Mérelle (France, 1981), Moira Ricci (Italy, 1977).

Produced: Laboratoire Artistique de Bel _Construction: Produções Reais

Maison de la Vache Qui Rit Lons le Saunier, France, June 2010