petit CABANON [exhibition space]

Project: petit CABANON

Type: exhibition and gathering space

Year: 2007-2009

Format: curatorial research, exhibition display, event space, spatial installation, performative gathering, visual cultures, architecture, contemporary art


Curator/programmer: Inês Moreira

Commissioner: self run/self funded

Venue: Centro Comercial Bombarda, Porto, Portugal

Calendar: many events from May 2007 to May 2009

Set-up: self built/self managed

Curatorial Project:

petit CABANON started as an experimental hosting space for architecture and visual culture and a plain weblog. For a year and a half, petit CABANON offered a modest gathering and discussion place for research projects of a few free-lancers and free-thinkers mingling in a small shop in Porto, at CCBombarda. petit CABANON became a platform for curatorial research and debate on space and visual culture. It is too an extradisciplinary workshop for inventive spatial installations, expanding notions of display and curatorial practice. In its in-between meanders and movements around space, petit CABANON is still generating a body of written and visual materials, attempting oblique angles into the fields of architecture, visual arts and urban culture.

Spatial installation:

The spatial installation of petit CABANON opened the space and was used as a scenography for several projects, adapting it to diverse needs. It consisted of a simplified replica at scale 1:1 of the interiors of petit cabanon by Le Corbusier. The material used was plain Styrofoam for roof insulation. The installation was built by a group of volunteers.


a)  petit Cabanon, Opúsculo 7, Dafne, 2007 (pt)

b) Web: []

c) old web: [ ]

a few publications/writing on pC

+ interview with sandra vieira jurgens, arq./a, 2008

+ letter to antípodas, un-published, 2009