Rescaldo Ressonância! / Aftermath Resonance!


Original title: Rescaldo e Ressonância!

(curatorial research, exhibition and book)

Year: 2009

Format: curatorial research, exhibition display, event space, spatial installation, contemporary art, architecture, museum studies


Curator: Inês Moreira

Commissioner: Cultural Department  of the Rectorate of the University of Porto

Venue: burnt rooms at the Rectorate Building (3rd and 4th floor)

Exhibition calendar: April-July 2009

Research Calendar: September 2008-April 2009

Set-up: Irmãos Faria – transport company. _Team/production: The artists

Curatorial Project:

Aftermath and Resonance! is a speculative project exhibited as a spatial installation and a catalogue/book. The project consisted of a fieldwork research on the burnt aisle of a building produced by a group of authors: André Cepeda, Paulo Mendes, Jonathan Saldanha and Inês Moreira. The Project interprets the rawness and materiality of the aftermath and documents it through diverse media (video, photography, sound and space). Exhibition presented an essay-project as an installation, which reads and interprets the consolidation processes of the existing spaces, registered in existing documents and in the materials collected by a group of young researchers after the fire.


André Cepeda (photographs), Paulo Mendes (videos), Inês Moreira (curator and spatial concept) and Jonathan Saldanha (sound). Catalogue with essays: Pedro Bandeira, Filomena Vasconcelos e Inês Moreira

Spatial installations:

The exhibition consisted of spatial installations distributed along the several rooms, namely: sound installation by Jonathan Saldanha, Video installation by Paulo Mendes, photo installation by Andre Cepeda, on structure designed by Inês Moreira. The space was kept raw and the existing materials were used and readapted for the exhibition, as its display structure.


a) Rescaldo e Ressonância!, Univ. Porto, 2009 (PT)

b) on-line book version

c) [project website]

d) interview










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