marta de menezes (meiac)

meiac marta menezes _ines moreira

meiac marta menezes 2 _ines moreira

photos by Vicente Novillo

Retrato Proteico _Proteic Portrait

post-local project by MEIAC

artist _Marta de Menezes

curator _Inês Moreira

exhibited and produced by

MEIAC Museo Extremeño Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo

from 4th October – 11th november 2007 _Badajoz, Spain


publication / catalogue

Retrato Proteico _Proteic Portrait

PLP09 Post-local Project Meiac

edited by Inês Moreira

published by MEIAC, 2009

Retrato Proteico is an art project in which the artist Marta de Menezes portrays herself using different media. Her artistic self-portrait employs technological media and knowledge from biological science in the creative process. It is an investigation and research process which, like other projects by Marta de Menezes, combines artistic
creation, the conventions of art history and technical processes, and the languages and graphic conventions of science and technology.
” Inês Moreira

launched at ZDB_Lisbon on 4th April 2009

[presented by António Franco [meiac], Luís Quintais and Inês Moreira]



a few contents published at e-f@bulations magazine:

Retrato Proteico _Proteic Portrait

curator´s text [portuguese and english]

Uma conversa com Marta de Menezes por Inês Moreira

_A conversation with Marta de Menezes

by Inês Moreira [portuguese and english]