+ PhD research


Performing Building Sites : Curating in/on/through Space [vol. I + II]

Inês Moreira, PhD in Curatorial Knowledge, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Supervisor: Irit Rogoff _ FCT Supervisor: Paulo Cunha e Silva


Performing Building Sites is the formulation of one of many possible critical strategies for curating. Performing Building Sites are approached as subject, site, and/or metaphor, proposing an understanding of architecture and construction as processual and hybrid fields of material and spatial practice. The project aims to explore methods for curatorial analysis and intervention on space, spanning from theoretical to practice oriented approaches. The Thesis is developed as both an academic research and as a curatorial project, extending the new research field of Curatorial Knowledge.

The curator is proposed as a field practitioner, studying and intervening in existing spaces, and, sometimes, creating space. Central to this argument are theoretical and empirical knowings acquired through fieldwork. Situating the curator in space, producing research on spaces, suggests an implicated position for curating, and researching: in/on/through space.

The academic research closely articulates with questions from a personal body of work developed by the author along a decade as an architect/researcher/curator. The images accompanying the study are (mostly) originals generated from fieldwork by the author and partners. Mostly set for curators, researchers and other spatial practitioners.

Key words: 

Curatorial studies, visual cultures, curating architecture, curatorial/knowledge