Au Lait! Quand l´Art Déborde

Au Lait ! Quand l’art déborde





ARM120711-028 Au Lait ! Quand l’art déborde



Au Lait ! Quand l’art déborde

Au Lait ! Quand l’art déborde

Au Lait ! Quand l’art déborde




Au Lait ! Quand l’art déborde



Au Lait ! Quand l’Art DébordeExhibition in collaboration with La Maison de la vache qui rit.

Group show _ July 15 – September 23, 2012
Whipping cream, salted butter caramel, crème brûlée – milk is at the heart of words that make us salivate or bring us back to memories of childhood. But it is not confined to the old creameries where they used to serve creamy milk, puff pastries and éclairs filled with whipped cream, or to advertisements for superstores – milk is very much present in contemporary art.
Milk is presented as a kind of strange melody flowing through the words assembled here on the occasion of this exhibition by Lab’Bel. How do the artists make use of this opaque yet luminescent substance to transpose it into our imaginations?
Milk is an organic substance, nearly a living one, and the artists make use of this in an overflowing movement – a vain attempt or refusal to contain the milk in a glass, within a frame, or in a form. Milk is an ambivalent material, dazzlingly white and yet opaque to the point that one wonders what is hidden in its depths. (…) Silvia Guerra, co-curator (Extract from the catalog “Au Lait ! Quand l’art déborde”)

Artist List _ Boris Achour, Ismaïl Bahri, Ceal Floyer, David Lamelas, Matthias Müller, Sara Naim, Géraldine Py & Roberto Verde, Delphine Reist, Andres Serrano and Patrick Tosani. Download the press release in English _ Download the catalog in French