Depósito / Storage (porto, exhibition + book)

project: STORAGE, notes on density and knowledge

type: curatorial research, exhibition and book

original title: DEPÓSITO, anotações sobre densidade e conhecimento

year: 2006/07

Format: curatorial research, exhibition display, spatial installation, academic, museum studies, contemporary art, architecture

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Curator: Paulo Cunha e Silva

Architecture: Inês Moreira _Production manager: Inês Moreira

Commissioner: Rectorate of the University of Porto

Venue: Old Chemistry Hall, Rectorate of University of Porto

Exhibition calendar: January-July 2007

Research: February-December 2006

Set-up: Produções Reais

Team/production: Cultural Dep. Univ. Porto + Museum studies interns

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Curatorial Project:

The research project for the exhibition “Storage: notes on density and knowledged” developed at University of Porto, was a collaborative project with the University Museums of the Univ. Porto during the years 2006-7. The exhibition consisted of the display of objects rescued from museum storages, as well as new artworks commissioned to around a dozen visual artists who were invited to think of museums and knowledge production in Academia. The exhibition established a dialogue with diverse material and visual traditions: material culture (archaeology, anthropology, palaeontology, mineralogy, zoology); visual art and museum architecture.

Participating artists:

André Cepeda, Eduardo Matos, João Leonardo, Mafalda Santos, Manuel Santos Maia, Marta de Menezes, Miguel Flor, Miguel Palma + António Caramelo, Nuno Ramalho, Pedro Tudela, Renato Ferrão, Rita Castro Neves e Tiago Guedes

Participating Museums:

O Museu (FBAUP), Museu da História de Medicina do Prof. Maximiano Lemos, Casa-Museu Abel Salazar, Museu da Ciência, Museu de História Natural (Museu de Mineralogia Montenegro de Andrade, Museu Zoologia Augusto Nobre, Museu Antropologia e Pré-História Mendes Corrêa, Museu Paleontologia Wenceslau de Lima), Instituto Arquitecto José Marques da Silva, Museu de Botânica da FCUP, Núcleo Museológico da FFUP, Centro de Documentação e Urbanismo e Arquitectura, Museu de Engenharia, Museu do Desporto

Spatial installation/display:

The exhibition occurs in two planes: the horizontal, is a flat stage with an uneven platform accommodating artists’ work, on the edge of the platform, in a vertical plane, stands a metal shelve 12mx7m tall revealing and exposing the objects of the museums. The large scale and oversized shelve structure allude the morphology of the storage, monumentalizing the invisible spatiality of collections and storerooms.

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the exhibition space


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the set-up works

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a) Depósito, Univ. Porto, 2007

b) Exhibition leaflet (polycopied and distributed)

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