+ conceptual spaces


Matchbox _ [ASA factory, 2012]

conceptual model for exhibition space

author: Inês Moreira + Miguel Costa


petit CABANON (private version for Wyspa) [+info]

[wyspa institute of art, gdansk, poland 2011]

conceptual space for visual art festival

author: Inês Moreira

curator: Aneta Szylak with Maks Bochenek


1 (9)

library / laboratory / building site

[university of porto _porto 09]

conceptual space for slide projections

author: Inês Moreira / in collaboration with André Cepeda

[+info] _ [+info]_ [+info]


conversation piece_ fotos vitor ferreira

conversation pieces

[petit cabanon _porto 07] [+info]

conceptual space to host gatherings and meetings

author: Inês Moreira


projecto XXs

projecto XXs 

[plano 21 _porto 07] [+info]

conceptual space for children 3-6 y.o.

concept: Inês Moreira and José Maia


game BCN_03

[8th June 2003, Barcelona] [+info]

conceptual space / event (about 45minutes)

action: Inês Moreira . Eduardo Chirinos . Enrique Doza with children from Raval