Insatiable builders set-up, almost ready!


André Castro Vasconcelos adding the last ring to “Vetements of Rechange” installation at Insatiable Builders exhibition, at Lons-le-Saunier.


petit CABANON [Alternativa, Gdansk]

Petit CABANON (private version for Wyspa) exhibited at Labour and Leisure Exhibition, in the context of Alternativa Visual Art Festival 2012, curated by Aneta Szylak at Hall 90B, Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdansk, Poland. The physical installation consists of the reconstruction of the two sheds that Le Corbusier had in his garden: CABANON + the Work Shed. The two buildings were made of cardboard bricks, in a playful construction. The sounds cape inside both volumes would reproduce the atmospheres and summer conversations by Le Corbusier, Eileen Gray and their friends, as an evocation.

pC work-in-progress

rewind _contemporary art exhibition / the spatial installation [a preview]

This project is a conceptual space created to host rewind, the contemporary art exhition curated by Laurent Fièvet and Sílvia Guerra for Label. The space concept is by Inês Moreira + Diogo Matos [] an adventurous collaboration between Paris+Genéve+Porto+Lons-le-Saunier

petit THINK TANK _exhibiting as going public


_exhibiting as going public

_4 Dez _ Dec 09 : 15 / 17 pm [friday] _Oporto

petit CABANON proposes a two hour conversation revolving around notions of public, exhibiting and publishing. The send-off is the contribution of Doreen Mende, the editor of Displayer 03 [a magazine with contributors as Charles Jencks, Walter Benjamin, Alfred Barr, Ines Katenhusen, Omer Fast, Hans Hollein, Dominique Gonzalez- Foerster, Ines Weizman, Moritz Küng, Giorgio Grassi and edited with the students of Program Exhibition Design and Curatorial Practice / Hochschule für Gestaltung / ZKM Karlsruhe]. We invited Susana Caló, a philosopher and editor of Detritos Magazine, to respond and to expand on the interceptions of going public: the politics of space and the public domain.  The conversation will proceed with Gabriela V. Pinheiro, an artist whose work is devoted to notions of public and exhibiting and hopefully engage in an intimate conversation with the audience. A filmed book realized by Filipa César – Displayer 03 – is to be screened as part of the conversation.


Doreen Mende, curator and editor based in Berlin

[Academy Expanded and Expanded Exhibition]


Susana Caló, philosopher and editor based in Oporto


Gabriela V. Pinheiro, artist based in Oporto
[The Public]


[the conversation will be held in English and is kindly hosted
by REFLEXUS arte contemporânea]
rua de miguel bombarda 531
4050-383 Oporto, Portugal

[Displayer is the magazine of the “Program Exhibition Design and Curatorial Practice” Hochschule für Gestaltung / ZKM Karlsruhe]


organization _

petit THINK TANKs are part of petit CABANON

a project by Inês Moreira since 2007

this petit THINK TANK has the support of Reflexus, JUP and FBAUP


The requirement to exhibit the final product is something we can view in the framework of the capitalist system, along the lines that an employer who has made an investment now needs to see a result. These relationships are reproduced in the collaboration among artists, curators, and directors who have invested in a work in an institutional framework. The exhibiting institution, being the last link in the chain of this market transaction, needs a visible, tangible result: a product.” (Milica Tomic, Politics of Memory, Displayer 03).

While an academy is an environment which does not request a ‘finished’ product, the space of exhibition depends on something to be shown to a public. The conversation will be based on the project Displayer, which is a publication series of the program Exhibition Design and Curatorial Practice at the University of Arts and Design / ZKM Karlsruhe. Displayer is a magazine of original sound. The editorial team is the students of the seminars of the University’s program.

The points of departure for the most recent issue, Displayer 03 (2009) are the demands, the challenges, and the potentialities as well as the impossibilities of exhibiting space itself. Space is the fabric in which events occur, and events, in turn activate space culturally, socially, politically and geographically. Hence, the exhibition of space is strongly connected to performative acts in addition to questions about the requirements of constructions in space.

In which way can a publication be understood as a space for exhibiting? Under which demands as well as urgencies does a publication expand the conditions of an academy? And for Displayer 03: What are the means of recording space in order to perform it at different times, in different places and different institutional settings?

Contributions Displayer 03 by Eva Kraus, Tilo Schulz, Martin Beck, Charles Jencks, Pablo Bronstein, Katrin Mayer, Stefan Römer, Walter Benjamin, Alfred Barr, Ines Katenhusen, Milica Tomic, Omer Fast, Sina Najafi, Hans Hollein, Joseph Dabernig, Achim Lengerer, Paul Gangloff, Dominique Gonzalez- Foerster, Ines Weizman, Moritz Küng, Kersten Geers, Giorgio Grassi, Guillaume Paoli, Heiner Mühlmann, Stephan Trüby, Wilfried Kuehn. Filipa César realized Displayer 03 as a filmed book which is part of the discussion.

Future Map _workshop and exhibition fbaup



30th September 09 _6pm (wednesday) to 13th October 09

FUTURE MAP _Exhibition of post-graduate students projects

Master in Art and Design for the Public Space _FBAUP, Porto exhibition developed as a workshop with Inês Moreira

artists: Brunna Anchieta, Eduardo Vieira de Almeida, Joana Nascimento, Luís Sezões, Maria Guiomar Côrte-Real, Michelle F. Domingos, Patrícia Monteiro, Patrícia Azevedo Santos, Rosana Alexandre, Rui Manuel Vieira, Sofia Santos e Vânia Cunha

2nd October 09, Sexta  10pm (friday)

Archaeology of the Urban _Book launch _Passos Manuel _Porto Authors: Álvaro Domingues, Inês Moreira, Gonçalo Leite Velho, Pedro Bandeira, Paulo Luís Almeida, Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro, Mário Moura, Jorge Marques, António Olaio, R2, among other. [portuguese and english] Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade do Porto, 2009

Rescaldo e Ressonância! [aftermath and Resonance!]


Aftermath and Resonance! is a speculative project thinking through the spaces wounded during the fire of May 08 at the Rectorate of the University of Porto.

Aftermath and Resonance! is a modest approach, with an austere language, and is made public as a modality of spatial installation and as a publication. The project is born from the fascination for the accident itself, but rejects the spectacle of the catastrophe. It is a research onto the anti-spectacle and onto normality, sounding out the resonances of a non conventional space, performing the rawness and the materiality of the aftermath, and documenting it all through different media (video, photography, sound and space). A spatial essay is exhibited in an installative modality, interpreting and reenacting the consolidation process of the existing spaces through documentary records and materials that a group of contemporary authors collected in the aftermath.

Aftermath and Resonance! is a spatial essay about the potentialities and the metaphorical dimensions of exhibiting in “non conventional” spaces. The publication documents the exhibited projects and is complemented by essays on the ideas of institution, fiction and contingency.

A collaborative project of André Cepeda (photographs), Paulo Mendes (videos), Inês Moreira (curator and spatial concept) and Jonathan Saldanha (sound).
Catalogue with essays: Pedro Bandeira, Filomena Soares and Inês Moreira