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evento 2009 _program

image: Diller Scofidio + Renfro and Julia Wolfe
and the Conservatoire de Bordeaux Jacques Thibaud

_The artistic and urban rendez-vous of Bordeaux
First edition: Collective Intimacy
Curated by Didier Fiúza Faustino

EVENTO 2009 _Download program

evento 2009 will take place throughout the urban public space of the city of Bordeaux. This first edition will present artistic, theoretical and performative interventions by over 50 participants, articulated by the notion of Collective Intimacy, the concept proposed by Didier Fiúza Faustino.

public art _evento 2009

Evento 2009 is under construction in Bordeaux. The foot bridge  by Tadashi Kawamata linking the “foire aux plaisirs” and Evento 2009 (by the river waterfront) is almost ready. A big circus tent is there too… though our´s will be yellow and white. Evento 2009 is coming very soon, but you can find most of the production work in our active weblog. 

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evento 2009 _by paolo plotegher

Self-dispersing and dramatization (Mujeres Creando)

“A bride wanders in the streets of La Paz dragging her wedding gown, pushing a wedding cake on a wheeled tray. A bride as a mujer creando, a woman constructing, creating (creando) a situation, dressed as a bride, wearing a theatrical costume, borrowing her identity for the length of a walk. She talks with other women on the streets, in the market, on the pavements. “I hate men”… “I hate men”… “I hate men”… is what every woman says, I hate men because they are lazy, I hate men because they exploit women, I hate men because they are in power and they exploit us, I hate men because they have beaten me…”

Paolo Plotegher

beyond _book review


My review of Beyond is published on:

Revista Arquitectura 21, Setembro 2009

[portuguese only]

“Que cenários cria hoje a arquitectura? Como participa e projecta o futuro do contemporâneo? Perante a actualização das visões futuristas do século XX nas construções corporativas um pouco por todo o mundo – das ilhas artificiais e torres de Dubai, aos condomínios em desertos e plataformas de alto mar – e nas recentes instanciações do imaginário da ficção científica em aspectos hiper-banais, e por isso invisíveis, do nosso quotidiano – da contaminação dos solos, aquecimento da atmosfera, às ameaças nucleares e pandemias biológicas – no momento actual a arquitectura parece construir e participar nas utopias e distopias que há um século eram projectadas como especulações ficcionais. Então, quais os limites e as potencialidades da ficção em arquitectura, hoje? Beyond é um volume de pequenas histórias, publicado por SUN architecture publishers e editado por Pedro Gadanho, que vem reintroduzir um espaço literário no campo da arquitectura e problematizar o espaço da escrita especulativa hoje. (…) ” Inês Moreira, Agosto 09


Beyond, Short Stories on the Post-Contemporary

Sun Publishers, 2009 [English edition]

edited by Pedro Gadanho

authors: Gilles Delalex, Michelle Provoost, Knut Birkholz, Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Boris Jensen, Silvia Banchini, Luis Falcón, Antonio Scarponi, Bruce Sterling, Lara Schrijver, Kobas Laksa, Shumon Basar, Wes Jones, Superstudio, Aaron Betsky

Rescaldo e Ressonância! [aftermath and Resonance!]


Aftermath and Resonance! is a speculative project thinking through the spaces wounded during the fire of May 08 at the Rectorate of the University of Porto.

Aftermath and Resonance! is a modest approach, with an austere language, and is made public as a modality of spatial installation and as a publication. The project is born from the fascination for the accident itself, but rejects the spectacle of the catastrophe. It is a research onto the anti-spectacle and onto normality, sounding out the resonances of a non conventional space, performing the rawness and the materiality of the aftermath, and documenting it all through different media (video, photography, sound and space). A spatial essay is exhibited in an installative modality, interpreting and reenacting the consolidation process of the existing spaces through documentary records and materials that a group of contemporary authors collected in the aftermath.

Aftermath and Resonance! is a spatial essay about the potentialities and the metaphorical dimensions of exhibiting in “non conventional” spaces. The publication documents the exhibited projects and is complemented by essays on the ideas of institution, fiction and contingency.

A collaborative project of André Cepeda (photographs), Paulo Mendes (videos), Inês Moreira (curator and spatial concept) and Jonathan Saldanha (sound).
Catalogue with essays: Pedro Bandeira, Filomena Soares and Inês Moreira

evento 2009

evento 2009

evento 2009

Bordeaux – at the crossroad of cultures and artistic fields – invites you to share a unique experience:
an exhibition in movement, an immense urban festival, numerous international artists,
following an itinerary orchestrated by the architect and artist Didier Faustino. Exhibitions, urban events, artworks, performances, concerts, debates,encounters, complicities and free access…