2013 was a year of very much writing. Along the PhD thesis completion I could contribute to different publications. It is a wonderful thing to be part of many, and sometimes so dissimilar, discussions. amidst the most relevant topics, there is the debate around Lisbon Architecture Triennale.

I had the opportunity to write a trilogy of critical essays on www.trienaldelisboa.com, which was published in three different magazines, in two languages: english webzine urbanista.org, portuguese printed magazine ARQA www.revarqa.com, and portuguese webzine www.artecapital.net.

Besides these three, I was invited by curator Mariana Pestana to contribute with an essay to her e-book, and handed a reflection on my curatorial project Aftermath and Resonance!

The text is, still, waiting for publication and I am eager to read the book. It´s announced here.

waiting for publishing


my first participation in a Fanzine

«O Processo de Subtracção» — mega fanzine com 98 páginas produzida pelo corpo editorial expandido da arqa numa tarde bem passada a bordo da sonda espacial da Friendly Fire, com Luís Santiago Baptista, Paula Melâneo, Sandra Vieira Jürgens, Carla Carbone, Luca Martinucci, Inês Moreira, Gonçalo Velho, Rita Macedo e Pedro Baía.